About Us

At Madmen and Heroes, we are puzzling people. Not the kind who make you confused about why we act the way we do (well, ok, maybe a little) but the kind who wants to sit down with you on a Saturday night and unravel some challenging puzzles and ciphers. We also like mysteries and diving down rich rabbit holes of stories buried in history. 

We have played countless mystery games, escape the room experiences, puzzle subscriptions and learned what we love and what didn’t work for us. Ultimately, we struggled to find a subscription experience that balanced challenging puzzles, compelling stories, interesting artifacts, and cost. In the end, we never found one that was just right to meet all of our requirements for a truly great experience. 

We couldn’t bear the thought that there were lots of other folks out there having good experiences, but not great ones. So we took our years of saying “We could do this better” and put our money where our mouths are. We set about creating a great monthly experience that met our exacting standards. We believe that what we are offering has everything you could want for a fantastic experience and we hope you will agree!

Feel free to reach out any time: madmenandheroes@gmail.com

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