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Join us if you yearn to disentangle mysteries, puzzles, ciphers and all matters of confounding and mystifying enigmas. Each month, we will submit to you a story  where you will have to meet a series of challenges by solving the mysteries that lie within.  

So, step into our parlor and relax for a bit. We have a tale to spin for you…. 

Embark on an adventure!

Subscription puzzle adventures

How to Play The Game


Pick the story line that interests you and sign up, then await your box. The CRAAAFT is based on folklore and The Resystance has stories about resistance movements throughout history.  Open it carefully, you will find all sorts of artifacts, photographs, letters and hands-on puzzles within. 

Dive In

Prepare to be immersed in a challenging, exciting story! Your monthly box is full of puzzles and ciphers built upon incredible, real-life stories of resistance or fantastical tales of folklore. The CRAAAFT ships the second week of the month and the Resystance ships the last week of the month.

Be Rewarded

At the conclusion of each box, you will get additional information either about a historical resistance effort that the story was based on, or about the creatures from the folk tale you heard about. 

Month to month

The most flexible way to play!  

  • $29.50/mo
  • Cancel any time
  •  Receive one box

3 month subscription

Three months of fun and adventures! 

  • $28.50/mo 
  • Prepay for savings! 
  • Receive three boxes

6 month subscription

Six months of unique adventures and unique stories!

  • $27.50/mo
  • Pay up front for savings!
  • Receive six boxes


What is the difference between The Resystance and The CRAAAFT?

 The Resystance has stories based on resistance movements throughout history with topics such as the American Civil war, Suffragettes and Gandhi. The CRAAAFT has stories based on folklore and myth from around the world. It includes topics such as Native American water spirits and Tibetan hungry ghosts.

I want to sign up! How much does it cost?

You pay only the fees listed. Shipping is a flat $5/box and there are no other costs! ($15 flat rate to Canada)

When can I expect to be billed for my subscription?

Subscriptions are available on a one, three, or six-month cycle. You’ll pay for your first cycle when you order a new subscription. After that, you’ll be on a recurring billing cycle that matches your subscription and renews on the last day of each cycle.   

When will I receive my mystery package?

Boxes ship once a month. Shipping times vary depending on your location.  Please check details in each story line for monthly shipping dates. New sales for The CRAAAFT cut off on the first of the month and new sales for The Resystance cut off on the 21st of the month. Any sales after those dates will receive the following month's package. Need it faster? Email us!

Does the mystery continue from month to month?

Each month is a stand-alone story that you can enjoy by itself. The individual mysteries do not need to go in a particular order and you can start at any time. 


Is everything needed to solve the mystery in the box?

In addition to what is in the box, you will need a way to connect to the internet. There will be online activities and if you are anything like us, you will want to do your research and find out more about these fascinating people and their stories.   

If I change my mind, can I cancel?

You can cancel or suspend your subscription at any time. You will not be charged for any more subscription cycles until you reactivate your account. For further information, please see our terms of service at:  http://theresystance.com/terms-of-service/ 

"All I ask of our brethren is, that they will take their feet from off our necks and permit us to stand upright on that ground which God destined us to occupy"

-Sarah Grimke